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I'm finally 21!

I had this amazing birthday celebration from morning to night but the thing I was most excited about? HOLDING AN OLD! The trainer let it sit on my hand and she held the string. I like to believe he was dancing in this picture, not freaking out because of the foxes in the next cage over
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Super Day

This morning Fabi and I went to West Hollywood to get myself a Gay Pride shirt from Old Navy. I got the blue one with the flag. After I did some shopping at the Beverly Center then decided to get some of my favorite French Toast in the entire city at Mel's. While at Mel's this girl walked in and when she sat down I saw everything. I told Fabi how uncomfortable I felt then the girl started bawling. Fabi blamed me but it looked like boy problems and she was too far to hear me. I still got teased for it till she stopped crying. I told her how I haven't been to Six Flags in over a year and she told me she had a season pass and a free friend ticket. The only day we both could go was, well right then. I didn't feel like driving all the way to Valencia but decided to go. We only stayed about two hours but got on about 5 rides. We drove back to Los Angeles,had some happy hour sushi then went to watch Super 8. I really loved it! Probably my favorite screening so far this year. I also got some amazing seats even though I came in really late. A LOT of people were kicked out as well.
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Fox Studios

I got an invitation to come down to Fox Studios and see The Darkest Hour. Our audience was the first to see it! We were in the Little Theatre where the seats are as comfortable as Gold Class Cinemas. The movie was fucking amazing I'm not allowed to talk about it but here's waht you can find on the internet about it:
Movie Concept:

When aliens attack and swiftly conquer the world by frying our electronic grid and systematically hunting down the disorganized, pathetically under-defended survivors, a small band of tourists in Moscow combine to find a way to annihilate the aliens' powerful defenses.

The Darkest Hour stars Emile Hirsch (Alpha Dog and In to the Wild) , Olivia Thirlby (Juno and No Strings Attached) , Max Minghella (The Social Network) and Rachel Taylor (Transformers and Shutter).
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On Monday I went to the Scream 4 premiere at the Mann Chinese but they forced us to sign a confidentiality agreement. I've never seen one for a premiere before.

On Sunday we got a cruise booked for Summer! I'm so excited because this will be Michael's first time and it's been forever since I've been to Mexico. Michael's military discount got us a great deal in the Spa Rooms.
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Vacation with Ikey

Michael and I went on vacation for his R&R but because of my school we had to be creative. I don't think Michael was too happy about me having to go to class but we managed. He got here on the 21st of February and I have class on Tuesday so we went to Disneyland on Wednesday. It was really packed and we left early. We got a hotel room because the traffic between Orange County and Los Angeles is ridiculous. On Friday and Saturday I had class so we left for Vegas on Sunday morning. We were starving and had lunch at Delmonico. The food was amazing, I would recommend it.
We got an amazing room with a view to match.
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We came back on Wednesday because of the Take Me Home Tonight premiere, of course the first day back in Los Angeles IT RAINS! There was tons of random celebrities but Erika Christensen takes the cake for most "Wtf are you doing here?" After the movie I stood with her to watch a music video they were randomly playing in the lobby. We went to El Taurino down the street from the theater. My friend who lives around that area took me there about a year ago and it's the best. One of my favorite Mexican food joints.

That Saturday we went to Paley Fest for True blood! Michael had surprised me with tickets because I was in class when they went on sale. I pretty much just have the best boyfriend. On Sunday I have a midterm which only took an hour or so and we decided to hit up the Wildlife learning center. Sadly they didn't have enough time for us to hold the owl but they did let us play with Jojo, their eldest Fennec Fox. Afterward we went to the Madame Tussauds museum and they let us made wax hands for free!

I got my first gelish manicure and I really like it. I got a pale color so growth won't show. I paid for a movie for the first time since I was 16. I saw the Source Code because of the great reviews and it was amazing. It's too hard to review without giving out spoilers. I went to another screening on Tuesday after my midterm for Born Into The Wild. I thought it was going to be about happy little babe animals living out in the wild but it was about Elephants and Orangutans that were orphaned. The 3D IMAX was the best I've seen on any movie.
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Another premiere, free concert

Thursday I went to the Due Date premiere. Robert Downey Jr's hair was so long. The set up was ridiculous. They closed off Hollywood BLVD and had tons of props all over the red carpet. The security was crazy too. We even had to go through metal detectors. All for a bunch of no bodies too. I mean, the stars are big actors but that's like three people and almost all the seats were for writers/producers. Probably the worse premiere I've been to but the movie was great.

Friday I took my little cousin to go see Taylor Swift. Even though we had passes and got to be in the front she showed up two hours late and last minute decided to go from "concert" to one song. ONE SONG AND THREE HORUS WAITING! She came a little after four and left by 4:15. How can anyone treat their own fans like that? Also her fans are CRAZY, all of them were nuts. They were all so hopeful as well. It was a little depressing because I already knew she wasn't going to sign anything or take pictures with anyone. She literally cut her concert down to one song, Live Long, and drove off right away. The whole crowd was trying to give her some flowers a guy bought her. She looked at him, rolled her eyes, and looked away instantly. It was heartbreaking. I was even jumping and yelling "TAYLOR HE BOUGHT YOU FLOWERS" :(

She did this which was kind of cute
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I ♥ living in Los Angeles.

Been getting invites to premiere lately! Finally whoring around is paying off /joke.

Jackass 3D premiere:

I was at the Mann Chinese theater at the Jackass 3D premiere. I saw a lot of people which was awesome. The only part that sucks is waiting in line. While we were in line though the band HIM and Bam came out of the Roosevelt! And Rod Jeremy too but no one cared lol. This girl was like "You guys with CC?" and pulled out some tickets for bomb seats. They were the back row on the aisle. So any celebrity that came had to walk by us! I went to the bathroom and saw Andy Richter outside waiting for his wife. Then when I came back Vicky went bat shit crazy for Dr. Drew. We went up to him and he was so nice. He asked us about ourselves and all I could think of was "I watch Teen Moms" Then when I went back to my seats Andy Richter came back in and his seat was next to McLovin' He has the most people come up to him. Sal came and he knew the most people. He told me to go talk to Preston because no one was going up to him "and flirt a bit" I did go up to him and was just like "oh you're my favorite" and he was so appreciative but as I left he tried to touch my ass >:( He got my thigh. As I was going to my seat I saw Phil coming down the stairs! Omg I was so excited and then I noticed April was next to me and they said they would take one photo. So like 50 people took a photo of them with me. Rivers was there! I was like RIVERS I LOVE YOU! then he came up to me and I was like "oh we've meet like twice" and he was like "Nice to see you!" and shook my hand. Fabi got a picture with Johnny Knoxville. I had so much fun, the movie was short but good. Not as crazy as the other two though.
We had an amazing seat and Dr. Drew walked by and smiled at us. He was so nice. Tons of people I didn't know would talk to us. Sal knew them lol but I only can recognize the bigger names

Easy A premiere:

I saw Bridget from the Girls Next Door and went up and told her what a fan we were. She was so sweet but no one really went up to her. We saw lots of celebrities but I didn't know all of them. The ones I recognized were Emma Stone, Penn Badgley, Dan Byrd, Lisa Kudrow, Aly Michalka, Patricia Clarkson and some fat guy in the movie that lost 40 pounds. When I talked to that exfat guy he was like "I don't even remember my part" lol. He was chatting with me before the movie started. Kendall & Kylie Jenner were there, Taylor Swift was there and she just confirmed what a bitch she is. I've always made fun of her for being ugly but now I know she's ugly on the inside too.
I've seen the movie before so it was weird to hear everyone react to things I knew were coming. Anyway I hate my old friends for thinking they could kiss ass and join me. My friend text me but I just told her "bye bitch" and haven't heard from her since.

Least exciting - Jonna Hex premiere:

Left a little after 7, got to the Arclight pretty fast because of the Championship game there was no traffic. The line was short and we saw all the paparazzi and was scared it might be for Twilight or something. Sean came by and hooked us up with the tickets. I had to promote and pose for some pictures but whatever. I asked some of the security which movie the red carpet was for and he said, "This one." I had no idea, the premiere was at the Dome which I've never been in. I know right? The gave us free drinks and popcorn. We had some of the best seats in the house! Dead center and I got to see Megan Fox, whom I do like (not as an actress). I hated this one girl though. I made friends with two of the girls she was with but she was being such a bitch. She looked kind of like Taylor Swift but the body of a softball player. I later saw her put on some fugly glasses that didn't help her at all. The game was still going on though and everyone was checking the score the whole time we waited. By the time the movie started the score was 57-55 with us down. The second the movie was over I found out the score and we won. I shouted it out and heard a couple people cheering.
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Sal is alive and it seems like he's not doing well. I don't know if he needs more rest but I know I do. I'm exhausted from being in the hospital all day everyday. We're all just so glad he's alive.
The worst part is I haven't seen my brother for a week before this car accident. I was complaining all week he wasn't around now I have to see him like this. He wasn't even around for my birthday.
Everyone is so disappointed in me for not watching the Simpsons. I'm hopefully going to watch Grindhouse tomorrow.
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